Milestones: Your Baby's First Year

Bringing a new baby home can be an exciting (and overwhelming) time.  Every coo, every smile, every sleepy little pout would send any parent running for their camera, and with good reason.  Moments this precious certainly won't last forever, and you never want to forget how your little prince or princess looked covered head to toe in pea puree.

As a parent myself, I'm a firm believer in "the best camera is the one you have on you" and my children are often shot with my cell phone when they're just too cute to not catch in that split second.  In this era of cell phones and social media, many of their moments will be shared with family and friends far and wide in just seconds.  So why, you ask, should new parents pay to have their perfect pumpkin's photos taken by a professional when they have a 10,000 photo stockpile of their days old babe?  For that matter, why the heck should they pay to have someone photograph their heavy, exhausted, bigger than they imagined bump?  Well, while having candid pictures of your little one is great, having quality and artistic photos taken by a professional can be completely amazing and priceless.  To cut down on the cost of capturing these moments, I will let you know when the best times are to photograph your new little addition given your baby’s milestones.

maternity baby bump eau claire photographer aubade photography

4.  The bump is beautiful!  I'm not lying here mamas!  I know how tired you are at this point, how much still needs to be done before your little one gets here, and how completely uninterested you are in dragging yourself out of the air conditioning to pose for an hour.  Let me be the first to tell you though, that in a few short months, you're going to forget your achy feet and how you couldn't see them.  You'll be too busy with your sweet little squish to recall any of that, but going forward, you'll think back on how amazing it was that your body grew that baby.  That was the real beginning of the beginning.  Even if you don't love being pregnant and especially if you do, you want to capture this time where you and your child were perfectly in sync.

newborn baby girl photographer eau claire wi aubade photography

3.  Newborns make your life nuts!!  Let's face're not going to be getting much sleep...unless you're lucky, and then congratulations.  Even if you are getting a decent night’s sleep (which I'm hedging bets you're not) everything about your life has just turned upside down.  While this upside down is a wonderful bit of Wonderland, you're bound to forget things...and put things off.  It's great to hope that someday soon your life will settle down, but let's face it, your life is changing and so is that baby.  Every single day.  Capture these early moments now before they change again.  What could be better than a few peaceful hours of a photographer watching your little one while you catch your breath?

6 month photos eau claire photographer aubade photography baby butt

2.  Six months is spectacular!  Your baby is growing so fast you can hardly believe it.  They've been perfecting their smile for a few months now.  Even better, they're starting to sit up or push up and grab for toys.  They're even laughing!  This is one of my absolute favorite times to photograph because they've got such great personality starting to shine.  They're changing fast though, and before you know it, they'll be off and moving and capturing their ever-evolving hilarity is going to start getting tougher.  Don't miss this amazing time.

one year pictures toddler photos boy eau claire photographers aubade photography

1.  One is ONEderful!  Your little one isn't much of a baby any more.  This is the time of crawling, maybe standing with help...they may even be walking.  Plus, they've got enough teeth to give us a cheesy grin.  What a wonderful time to let them explore!   What better way to celebrate the year you've had with your kiddo than by capturing the relationship you've built?

Now, I know what you're thinking...that only brings us up to a year.  Have no fear!  I encourage you to keep in touch!  There are plenty of opportunities to capture the momentous occasions of your child's future for years to come, everything from teddy bear picnics and fishing adventures to holiday fun and senior portraits.  We're here for you every step of the way...and we don't want to miss one of them!

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