Let's talk about Leia

It's not very often that I write about celebrities.  I just don't don't really care all that much about what's going on in Hollywood.  People can marry whoever they want, be whoever they want, name their babies whatever they want, and be as crazy and belligerent as people (including or especially celebrities) are.   Celebrities are just people and they only reason that anything they do is more important than the things we do in our lives, is because as a society we've decided they're important.

I suppose that is why we're going to talk about Leia, or rather the actress that plays her in the Star Wars Movies.  She is a person.  Yes, I know, Leia is Darth Vader's daughter and she's in love with Han Solo and that's all well and good.  Her character is very important.  But Carrie Fisher is a person and she's important too.

I found myself quite upset for Carrie the other day when she posted this Twitter response to peoples' rude comments about how she hasn't aged well.

Yes, I realize that feeling bad for celebrities who make a bunch of money and have the world at their fingertips may seem silly, but what people seem to keep forgetting is that celebrities are human beings with feelings.  They get laugh lines and put on a few pounds around the middle and there should be nothing wrong with that.  As for Carrie Fisher, she's still beautiful even if she's not comfortable rocking a gold bikini.  Her eyes still smile like they did in 1977.

As a photographer, I spend a great deal of time creating flattering angles and finding light that accentuates peoples' best features.  It's incredibly gratifying to have a client look at their photos and feel beautiful.  I also understand that societal ideals of beauty are not what make a person beautiful.

As we head into a new year, I want you to remember that "New Year, New You" is great in theory, but don't forget to love yourself for who you are today and what you look like right now.  You're beautiful.  So is Carrie Fisher.  Don't spend 2016 debating your flaws or anyone else's.  Just be, and celebrate the things that make you marvelous.