Our Community

Over these past years, I have had the privilege to work within many different facets of the communities that make up the Chippewa Valley.  I've delivered meals on wheels, helped families and individuals in their homes, worked in various different mental health offices, and volunteered my time to photograph teens who may otherwise miss out on the experience of senior photos.  One truth has been universal in all of those different parts of our community.  There are individuals who give of themselves and strive for better for their families, and the community at large, who go unrecognized and often without thanks.  In 2016, Aubade Photography seeks to change that.  We have created the Community 52 project to recognize the plethora of community members who make the Chippewa Valley what it is and what we want it to become.

This week, our project kicked off when I had the pleasure of meeting Sandra.  She volunteered to be a part of our project to "...represent an age.  We are never too old to be involved and give back to our community."  Let me tell you, she's not joking around either!  Not only is she busy as a minister and working with JONAH (Joining Our Neighbors Advancing Hope) but she's also running for Eau Claire County Board!

Community members like Sandra are a great reminder that a desire to give back and hope for the future of one's community is about anything but the number of candles on your birthday cake.