Mother's Day

As Mother's Day comes to a close, I want to share my gratitude.

I am grateful first to all the mothers I have known (and those I'll never meet) who have graduated to grandmother, for they have taught their children to love, and to love and care for children of their own.  Yours is a special place in the world, for you have helped the next generation (and often the ones after that) learn how to love in a way that only a mother knows how.

I am thankful for the mothers in law (most of all my own mother-in-law) who raised their children to love their families with a full heart.  Thank you for teaching your children to be good people, and most of all good partners in parenting.  Thank you for pushing them when they needed the encouragement and helping them to spread their wings when they were ready to leave the nest.

Thank you also, to the step-mothers, foster mothers, adoptive mothers, to the aunts, teachers, mentors, and other mother figures.  Your love for the children in your lives is more powerful than they may ever know.  Though you may not have carried your children within your bodies, you carry them daily in your hearts, and there is no more precious place to dwell.

I am of course, thankful for my own mother, who certainly put up with more shenanigans than I could possibly count, who soothed heartaches and scraped knees.  Thank you, Mom, for tolerating me through my teenage glory and believing in me, so much that I know how to believe in myself.

I am grateful too, for my three beautiful children (and for yours, though I may not know them) who drive us crazy, almost daily...but also fill our hearts with a joy we never knew possible.  Thank you children, for every frustratingly long night and messy floor, and every fistful of weeds that somehow makes the frustrations feel so distant.  Thank you for challenging us every day to be the best moms we know how to be.

Happy Mother's Day to every mother...present, past, or future.  Thank you.