Who doesn't love "Dad Jokes"?

Today, I asked my youngest child what her favorite thing about her daddy is.  Her response "My favorite thing is he's a weirdo!"  What a wonderful term of endearment.  Of course, I chuckled a bit at how she described her favorite thing, but I knew exactly what she meant.  She was describing in her own special three year old way that her favorite thing about her dad is that he is full of excitement and joy about being her dad.  She was saying that they have fun together, and do crazy dances in the living room, and make faces across the table at dinner.  She was talking about the groan inducing "dad jokes" that we love to hate.  (I mean he should probably change careers and become a Laffy Taffy writer.)

Maybe your pop wasn't really into making faces at the dinner table.  Maybe he isn't known for breaking into song and dance like a real life musical...But, perhaps he can grill the best burger ever, or made math the most interesting middle school subject you had.  Maybe he stayed up late to finish your props for the school play, or worked on Sundays to make sure you could afford the really cool sneakers you wanted.  Maybe he was just there when you needed him, always loving you without question and without end.

Whatever kind of papa yours was, you can bet that from the moment he laid eyes on you, he was head over heels and that is pretty special.  So...Dada, Papa, Daddy, Pops, Dad, Father, Papi, Baba, Padre, Father, Daddio, Popsicle...Weirdo...whatever you call your dad or the dads in your life, take a moment to bask in the glory of just how cool the relationship is between a father and his child.  Cherish it, because there is no other relationship like it.

Happy Father's Day dads (and dadas, papas, dadios and all the rest)!  You're pretty special.