Things I Learned From My Father

I am now 34yrs old, about 11 years ago my mother married the best father I would ever have!! Here goes. I struggled in my adult life, went from one bad relationship to the next. Had my first son when I was 16. At the end of my struggles I found myself in a tough spot, burned every bridge I had. Everyone had given up on me, except him. He barely knew me, but he was there for me, he loved me unconditionally, no matter how bad I was, no matter how much I fought, he and he alone was the only one in my life to show me the type of love I needed. This opened my eyes, and helped me to fill the void and emptiness in my heart. He helped me when no one else would. I haven't struggled in 10 years!! I learned from him how to love everyone close to me without conditions!! No matter how bad things are! He didn't have to, he had only known me for a year and I was just his adult step daughter, but he did. God blessed his heart and have him a gift. Gift of mercy and forgiveness and he passed that gift on to me. I know I would not be here to this day of it weren't for him. No matter what ever happens I will always call him my dad!! - Ami D.

My parents were seperated when I was real young. Every other weekend my father would pick me up and we would spend two days together. He lived close to an amusement park that was free to get into to. I loved it so we went almost every day that it was open when we were together. I begged him every time to ride the big coasters with me. He always did but grabbed his heart afterwards and said it hurt. I figured he was joking because he kept riding them with me and was usually joking about something. Well, we learned years later that he actually does have a heart condition. But, no matter how badly it made his heart hurt he was still willing to endure it just to see me smile. That's what I learned from my father: sometimes your child's smile is worth a little of your pain. - Penny N.

"My dad taught me to appreciate what I have, care for others, listen to people and don't jump to conclusions, spend money wisely, try to fix things before buying new, be creative and fish! I love my dad so much! Last December he was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and had to stop working as a truck driver. He's a hard worker and likes to be outside all the time. Now he goes out for a little bit and has to come in and sit down. He was doing ok, good days and bad but lately he has been a little worse. He's going to the doctor this week, hopefully they can help him. He now is teaching me that life is short and family time is very important along with doing what you love. He loves fishing, so he does a lot of that when he can. "  - Mandi O.

Treasure every moment because you don't know when you won't have any more moments.

I lost my father nearly three yrs ago and still thankful for the good few weeks vs having many bad months when cancer took him. - Gina M.

Love.  - Sandra H.

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