Foster a Memory

free senior photos for foster kids

Senior portraits are an important part of any senior year.  Everyone loves to share photos with their families and friends, and nobody wants to be left out of the yearbook.  These photos are an important touchstone for teens and tell an important part of every senior's story.

But what if you are in the foster care system?  What if you live in a group home?

Often, there are not additional funds to cover "extras" like photography.  Senior portraits now become yet another thing that set you apart form your peers.  Being a teenager comes with enough insecurities without adding the extra emotions that come with being in the foster care system.

Foster a Memory is a program that offers free graduation portrait sessions to seniors in the foster care system.

Here's how it works:

Prior to the session, we will be in contact with the foster parent, guardian, social worker or case worker to have releases signed allowing us to photograph the student.  (Please note that no photos will be made available of the student online, nor will they be used for any promotion.  We understand the importance of maintaining the anonymity of identity for children in the foster system.)

During the session, we request that an adult party who is responsible for the student be present for liability purposes and to protect the best interests of the student.  Having someone there who is familiar to the senior may also make having photos taken more comfortable.  We will do our very best to accommodate the schedule of everyone involved to allow students to participate in this opportunity.

Just like any senior session, we focus on the individual student and their interests.  If a senior plays the guitar to unwind or plays basketball, if they have a green thumb or skateboard, we will spend some our time focusing on this aspect of their self.

After the session, we will provide 20 4x6 printed proofs to the senior along with 2 CDs of their photos and print releases.  One CD will go with the foster family, group home, or other guardian so that they can be printed where it is affordable for them or so that the student can personally share the photos on social media.  The other CD will go with the social worker or case worker for the students file or can be shared with the biological family as appropriate.