Welcome Home

The bond between parents and their children is one of the most profound powers in nature.  Seeing the face of your child for the first time is one of the most exciting moments of any parent’s life.  It is a feeling like no other.  It is not surprising that many parents love their children before they even meet them.  The emotion of welcoming a child into your family can be immense.

It is no surprise then, that when your family welcomes a child into their hearts through adoption, the sentiment can be even more overwhelming.  The added emotion, hoops, and financial burden makes welcoming your child home all the more special.

We recognize that your journey (and the financial implications that come with it) does not end when you bring your child home.  We would like to help you celebrate your family’s addition through our Welcome Home program.  While you’re still traveling toward your adoption goals (Path I), we’d like to help with the fundraising and when you welcome your child home (Path II), we’d love to help you document the story of your first year as a family.


The expenses of adoption are numerous and compiling resources can be time consuming.  We understand that you can only do so many bake sales, garage sales and etsy stores with your family and friends before fundraising becomes overwhelming. We want you to let us do some of the work for you.


It’s really quite simple actually.  You are given a special code to use on our website.  You refer your friends, family, coworkers, congregation members, teammates, neighbors (whoever) to Aubade Photography.  When they book a session, they can enter the code on our payments page.  Every time the code is used, whether it’s one time or 50 times (on ANY regular priced session), we will donate 50% of the session fee to your adoption fund.


We understand that bringing home a new baby, or adding child or teenager to your home is not a simple undertaking.  We understand all the planning and saving that is involved just to welcome your child home.  We also know that it is a profoundly beautiful blessing to welcome that child into your heart, and blessings should be celebrated!  You are forming new bonds with someone who is becoming part of who you are.  We think that this experience deserves to be captured, but know that money might still be pretty tight.


From the day that you welcome home a child through adoption (and sometimes before with certain adoption or surrogacy options – ask us about birth stories if this is an open adoption or if you are using a surrogate) we will discount every single session you hold with Aubade Photography by 70% for one year.

*This includes maternity and birth photography in open adoptions (with the consent of the biological mother), newborn photos and basic, premium or elite sessions for any occasion (milestone photos when you bring your child home, birthdays, meeting siblings, etc., family photos, individual photos of child,  seasonal).  This reduced rate even includes our seasonal or themed mini sessions, and more.

We know that your adoption journey is a long and arduous one, but it is worth every step.  Stay strong!  We wish you luck and love every step of the way!